Monday, January 1, 2007

Understatement of the Year . . . Already!

Ho Ho ho ha hahahahaha . . . Ohhh . . . Excuse me while I finish laughing my ass off.

Pope Benedict XVI prayed at a New Year's Eve service at the Vatican City in Rome that 2007 would bring the world "peace, comfort, justice." But he cast a cold eye on some secular New Year celebrations, saying such social "rites" are "often carried out as an escape from reality."
As if it needs the emphasis! LOL! Thanks Bene. Way to get the new year bouncing with irony ya silly ol' Homo.

Okay. I may just be a bit slap happy, as I just got in from a 3 hour drive back from a fantastical "social rite" of our own in Detroit. I was just checking headlines to chill out before hitting the sack and simply had to comment on the Papal Delusionist's little contribution to 2007's birth.

What a wonderful world!

Happy New Year everybody!


glenda said...

Happy New Year, Michael!!

pissed off patricia said...

Well hell, who doesn't try to escape reality sometimes. In this day and age that's how the hell we keep our sanity. At least we can realize reality, unlike a certain chimp who is running around soiling our white house.

MB said...

A belated Thanks and Back Atchya! Glenda. :)

Dig it Pop. I sure do hope the 110th calls his delusional and Constitutionally corrupt arse out before the summer is over.