Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump the Dog 

silly spins the globe of us 
and painful sinks the stone 
lazy lifts the slopes and thus 
a people fall alone 

wander through the times of mind 
and cross the gulf of times 
again falls gently hard and gross 
abundant thoughts of stone 

chance the wild in search of peace 
and slaughter hearts seen not 
bereaved and false though true to self 
when tied in shadow owned 

asleep in torment lies the bird 
and embers dimmed glow 
a lonely spirit often held 
by all who lie below 

but Sun forever calls them out 
and moon their hopes does swell 
be causes meant for heres and nows 
so fair in dreamlike bloom

the fault lies open and it breaks 
for they aren't ones to turn 
against a tide which fear makes break 
upon its time to burn