Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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    Oldie but ... well this is new

    wonder of the world
    I'm fucked alive
    amber soaked I feel it
    holding me where I've been
    forever and ever
    life with an end
    just no shot
    at even one more
    I guess I have
    just to pay it forward
    hoping for a refund
    rejected for the hope
    and lost again
    in love and fear
    a new well of hells
    with smiles and sadness
    apropos of one time
    the first last and only
    eternity without a mullligan
    or any chance of heaven
    without hell all up inside it
    savory sensual swellings
    wonder of the world
    fucked and once forever
    and ever
    no more
    It'll have to do
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